Édith Bazin – recently graduated as a graphic designer and currently looking for an internship

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En profondeur  –  Editorial project





En profondeur  –  Dipoma project



Memphis forever  – typography and illustration

Experimental project about Memphis group.


Mallarmé – Research on Mallarmé's work.

By reading Mallarmé's poems we are lead to experience  strange and complex

poetry in which we get lost and try to find some links related to our own experience.

The editorial project establishes a link between our and the autor's memories.




hommage à Joost Grootens – Editorial project completed for a Workshop

led by Sacha Leopold et François Havegeer. The book is about experiment

and propose to make an experience itself. The book gathers images from google image. The result is a collection of absurd photos with formal resemblance.


Gazon & sports – illustration

Les Verrières de Pont-Aven –  300 x 420 mm – 19 pages

Editorial project for an artist residency in Pont-Aven



L'intelligence des affiches –  155 x 235 mm – 57 pages

Editorial project completed for a workshop led by Fréderic Tacer and Yorel Cayla


Fonts at the beach


Designed patterns and then carried out during my internship at Anamorphée.